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"From girl, to woman, to motherhood- the evolution is BEAUTIFUL."
~Awkward Blogger Mom

 I have turned my everyday life of "momming" into my brand as Awkward Blogger Mom. For me, motherhood has been one thing- AWKWARD.  Maternal instinct wasn't natural at first. I actually had NO idea how to be someone's "mom". I had to LEARN how to be maternal and ACCEPT that motherhood is a full-time job.

My blog focuses on the preparation and embarking on the postpartum journey.

Postpartum is not just the first 6 weeks after birth. I didn't feel 'normal' until year 2 after giving birth to my first child. 

Yes, the first 6 weeks after giving birth can be difficult no matter the birthing process. The initial weeks of postpartum recovery are critical for the health of mom and baby. At your 6 week appointment, be sure to share your highs and lows with your healthcare provider- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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